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“Trent is a leader for your generation. He has taken his terrible start in life and hard-fought victory and stepped forth in courage. That takes a lot of guts, to say the least. I have seen Trent speak on numerous occasions and watched the growth of his ministry and his growth through it. He is the real deal.”

Jodi Jackson Tucker

Adoptive Mother and Director of Second Mothers


“Scripture tells of several people who had difficult beginnings - Moses, Joseph, and Esther, to name a few. They didn’t change the world despite their circumstances, they changed it largely because of their circumstances. Trent Taylor has taken his pain and uses it to change things for others. He has a story that needs to be told, and he tells it well.”

Jason Weber

CAFO National Director of Foster Care Initiatives and Host of the Foster Movement Podcast


"It has been my privilege to hear Trent and Pam speak on a couple of occasions, and they are truly dynamic presenters! Trent’s auto-biographical message, which he delivers articulately and with compassion, is humbling. This young man, who has experienced more pain than anyone should ever experience, is committed to helping other children and teens heal from the trauma of being victims of circumstances over which they had no control. Trent’s mission is to provide each with hope by sharing his journey and understanding as they, too, learn to overcome their trauma. To learn more about Trent’s personal story, please read the book he and his mom co-authored,  Shattered No More."

Gail Birdsong

 Guardian ad Litem, 9th Judicial District


"If one word summed up all that Pam and Trent have done, that word would be support. All facets of my child's needs are supported, be it emotional, educational, or behavioral. The monthly support groups are a must for the parents and the kids! It is so amazing to see my son grow and learn about his journey forever. For my husband and I, the opportunity to engage with other parents and talk about the issues so unique to raising a child born to another woman is empowering and uplifting every month."

Ashley Gomez

Adoptive Parent

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