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About Us
Pam Taylor

After Pam's own personal adoption journey, Pam felt called to work on behalf of the children in Foster Care. She has been serving in this arena for the past ten years by leading a non-profit organization she founded in 2011. Pam now serves as co-founder and CEO of Watch Me Rise ministry alongside her adopted son. Together, Pam and Trent serve foster and adoptive families with a vast array of support services. Pam is a TBRI Practitioner, Making Sense of Your Worth Facilitator, Building Freedom From within, Art Therapy Practitioner, Educational Therapist, Life Coach, and mental health coach. Pam considers it a true honor to walk alongside foster and adoptive families and to guide them to the healing that is found in God.

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Trent Taylor
The Taylor Family

Trent entered foster care at the age of four due to domestic violence, extreme neglect, and sexual abuse. After traveling a painful journey through the foster care system, Trent was adopted at the age of nine and came to dramatic levels of healing from his traumatic past. Trent, who is now 23 years old, has devoted his life to helping others find healing. Trent is a mentor and public speaker and has authored and published two books. Trent recently graduated from Arizona State University with a 4.0 GPA with a B.S. in Family and Human Development. Trent is CEO and Co-Founder of Watch Me Rise in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Trent is a trauma consultant and serves as a TBRI Practitioner, Life Coach, Educational Therapist, mentor, and parent trainer. Trent gives all the glory to God for his healing and strives to be a light in the darkness.

The entire Taylor family has devoted their lives to advocacy, supporting, training, and encouraging foster and adoptive youth and their families. Through Watch Me Rise, they have lovingly guided youth and families through the journey of healing from trauma to Triumph.

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